Getting A New Wood Floor? 3 Steps To Keep It Looking Beautiful


You've decided on wood flooring for your new home (from an outlet such as B & D Floor Sanding). Once you have it installed, you're going to want it to last for as long as possible. To do that, you'll need to take good care of it. If you've never had wood flooring in your home before, you might not be aware of the special care it will require. It won't take a lot of hard work to keep your wood floors looking beautiful.

15 December 2015

Refinish Your Hardwood Floors In One Day Without Sanding


Hardwood floors are beautiful and durable, but over time they can show wear and tear, requiring them to be refinished. Most refinishing jobs require you to sand the floors first, which can be time consuming, messy, and expensive. Here are instructions on how you can refinish your beautiful hardwood floors and make them look new again without the sanding portion of the process. Getting Started Before you begin the process, you'll need to get all of the furniture out of the room, and then remove any debris and dust from the floor.

14 December 2015

The Three Greenest Flooring Options


With today's emphasis on protecting the environment, homeowners and builders are looking for ways to go green when building and remodeling their homes. One way to make your home greener is through the flooring you use. What are the three greenest floor options? What Makes It Green? There are a few requirements needed for material to be considered green. The material that the flooring is made up of has to be something that grows and spawns quickly.

30 September 2015