Four Advantages Of Porcelain Tile Flooring


Porcelain tiles are an alternative and unique material that is well suited for installation throughout your home due to their distinctive material qualities. Understanding what a few of the biggest advantages associated with porcelain tile flooring are can help you determine if you should consider using them for a future remodeling or construction project. Durability The major draw of porcelain tile as a flooring material is its high durability, especially when compared to other types of tiles.

6 September 2018

The Benefits Of Stainless Steel Floor Troughs


Commercial kitchens, laundry rooms, manufacturing facilities, and many other types of spaces can benefit from floor troughs. That is, sometimes you need something more effective than a circular floor drain. Floor troughs come in a variety of prefabricated shapes and sizes. They often have different features and capabilities. Most importantly, they are also made out of many different materials. The best material for you might depend on exactly what you need it for.

30 April 2018

How To Sand Off Hardwood Stains


The great thing about hardwood furniture is that it can be so easily restained and customized. Homeowners enjoy restaining and refinishing hardwood cabinets and furniture because it is a very rewarding DIY project. The difficulty of any hardwood refinishing project has mostly to do with how hard it is to remove your current stain from the wood. This article explains a few options you have when it comes to removing hardwood stains.

3 February 2018

3 Different Types Of Natural Flooring You Can Use In Your Home


If you want to update your home, but you want to be conscious of your impact on the environment, you can change the feel of just about any room with a custom area rug. To reduce your environmental impact, you are going to want to purchase a custom area rug that is made out of natural fibers. Natural fibers are derived from materials such as seagrass, sisal, and mountain grass. Sisal

4 December 2017

Want To Get Ready For Hardwood Flooring? 3 Things To Invest In For Your Home


There are certain aspects of your home that can have a significant impact on your experience. Flooring is impactful because it is what you and your family will step on throughout the entire day. The type of floor you have will also play a role in how easy it is to maintain daily and in the long run. If you are ready to invest in hardwood flooring to enjoy its beauty and low upkeep, you should consider getting a few things for your home that will set you up for a positive experience with the new addition.

29 November 2016

Planning To Adopt Several Kittens? Remove Your Carpet Before Picking Them Up


After buying a property, furnishing it to your satisfaction, and making improvements to meet your demands in a home, you may be ready to bring some new additions into your family. If you want cats, then you should consider adopting two kittens as they will have a better time growing up together. The one thing that having multiple cats in your household can do is make it a little more challenging to clean the home.

10 August 2016

How To Address Common Hardwood Floor Blemishes Without Resorting To A Total Refinish


Is your hardwood floor looking a bit worse for wear? Maybe there are white water marks on some places or perhaps the finish has worn off in a few areas, leading to a dull look and splintery wood. Refinishing the entire floor is certainly an option, but it can be quite time consuming and expensive. If your floor damage is not too terrible, you can considerably improve your floor's look with these methods to address common blemishes.

18 May 2016

Brick or Flagstone for Your Patio: Durability, Difficulty of Installation, Maintenance, Function


If you've decided to have a patio built in your backyard, then you need to think about what type of material to use. Several things will dictate this. First, what are you planning on using the patio for? Second, do you want to install the patio yourself, or hire out? Lastly, how much upkeep and maintenance do you want to do? Below is a list of two popular materials and a discussion of their durability, installation requirements, what type maintenance and upkeep they will require, and lastly, how they function.

31 December 2015

Replacement Kitchen Flooring Material Options


Planning to replace the old flooring in your home's kitchen is fun because you have so many options to choose from, but it is also a big decision because you will have to live with your choice for many years to come. Making the right choice is important and will allow your kitchen to look wonderful as the floor wears. The flooring options that you have for your new kitchen floor are:

29 December 2015

Two Reasons Why You Should Install Carpet In Your Home


Whether you're building a new home, or just looking to make changes to your current abode, one of the first places you'll want to start are your floors.  The type of flooring that you have can dramatically change the look and feel of your home.  That's why carpet is such a great flooring option.  It's cozy, warm and invites you to flop down on your stomach and read a good book or watch television.

24 December 2015