Examining The Misleading Myths About Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring


Perhaps there is no bigger design choice for a home than the type of floor covering that sets the stage for every other home implement. As you scour your options online and examine the array of flooring choices available, you are bound to find some mention of luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring. Crafted of durable materials and offering an impressive collection of designs, luxury vinyl plank flooring has grown to be a floor-covering option that falls in line with laminate and even wood flooring where popularity is concerned. Unfortunately, several myths associated with this high-end flooring option prevail. 

Myth: Luxury vinyl plank flooring is more expensive to install than most types of flooring. 

LVP flooring does not require anything extensive to install; the planks simply snap in place much like laminate flooring. Therefore, the costs of installation are quite comparable to other floor-covering options. In fact, because LVP is simpler to install than something like traditional vinyl, you may even pay less for installation with some contractors. As an adage, many homeowners are comfortable enough to install LVP on their own. 

Myth: Luxury vinyl plank flooring does not stand up well to heavy foot traffic. 

Contrary to this popular myth, LVP flooring holds up exceptionally well to heavy foot traffic. This flooring is suitable for installation throughout the home, even in areas like an entryway or mudroom where you may have a lot of foot traffic in a smaller area. The density and rugged structure of the planks mean the flooring does not shift or move with pressure and can maintain its gorgeous appearance year after year. The LVP flooring is so resilient that many manufacturers are comfortable offering extended warranties that cover defects. 

Myth: You can't install luxury vinyl plank flooring over existing wood flooring. 

LVP flooring gets installed over existing flooring on a regular basis. The planks work well over flooring that has slight defects and issues, which means you could easily slip the floor covering over outdated wood flooring if you choose to do so. 

Myth: Most luxury vinyl plank flooring looks like wood. 

While it is true that a lot of LVP flooring is designed to look like wood, you can find LVP styles that mimic the appearance of ceramic tile, natural stone, and more. Therefore, you should have no issue finding an LVP style that works well with the interior design themes of your home. 

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22 March 2021

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