What's The Difference Between Vinyl And Laminate Flooring?


Do you love the look of wood flooring but don't like all the care that goes into having it? If so, you'll be looking into an alternative material that can simulate the look of wood with less maintenance. Two popular options to pick from will be vinyl and laminate flooring material. Here is what you need to know about both of these flooring options to pick between them.

Laminate Flooring

Many people pick laminate flooring because it feels like hardwood flooring when you walk over it. The material feels solid without much give, which feels and looks like real hardwood floors. This is due to the four layers that make up the flooring material. There is a backing layer on the bottom of the laminate material, followed by a core board that makes up the bulk of its thickness. There is then a decorative layer on top of the core board that contains the wood pattern, which is then covered by a protective layer that prevents the pattern from becoming damaged. 

The installation process for laminate flooring is often done as a floating floor. This means that the flooring just rests on top of the material beneath it, which allows many people to do the installation themselves. 

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring material is often mistaken for laminate, but it is quite different when it comes to the material that it's made out of. Vinyl flooring contains the backing layer, decorative layer, and protective layer just like laminate, but the core board is replaced with vinyl material. Where vinyl also stands out over laminate is that the high-end material has some additional protections that competing materials lack. 

For example, if you were to put vinyl flooring in an area that could have water on the floor, such as a bathroom, kitchen, or basement, you can get waterproof vinyl flooring that replaces the vinyl core with a waterproof material. You can also get variations that have a thicker protective layer, which will protect the look of the flooring for many years. 

Installing vinyl flooring is a bit different than installing laminate. While it can be installed as a floating floor, it can also be glued down to the subfloor to give it more stability. 

Still not sure which type of flooring you should use in your home? Reach out to a flooring contractor that can tell you the differences between different types of flooring material. 


25 November 2020

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