How To Prepare For New Carpet Installation


There's not much you can do to rejuvenate worn-out carpet. When the fibers are damaged and the carpet is covered with stains and odors that won't come out, it's time for new carpet. Once you've chosen the perfect carpet for your needs, you'll probably want to hire a professional to install it since stretching and seaming carpet can be difficult. Here are some steps involved in preparing for your carpet installation.

Order Enough Carpet To Allow For Excess

You may not be able to order your carpet based on the square footage of the room. Carpet comes on rolls in standard widths, so it may be necessary to seam the carpet together. If the carpet has a pattern, it may be necessary to order extra carpet because of the waste generated when matching the pattern.

Also, the amount of carpet used and left over can vary according to where the seam is placed. The carpet company will measure the room carefully before you order the carpet so the overage can be calculated and included in the cost.

Talk About Seam Placement

If your carpet needs to be seamed together, talk to the installer about where to place the seam if you have a choice. Seams aren't always completely invisible. The type of carpet you have and the way the light falls in the room both play a role in the seam's visibility. The installer will put the seam where it is least likely to show and use skilled techniques and seaming equipment so the seam is invisible if possible or at least so isn't too noticeable.

Discuss Concerns About Pet Odors

If the floor under the carpet has a foul odor due to pet urine or other odors, such as mold, let the installer know about your concerns. It may be possible for the installer to treat the floor for odors once the old carpet is torn up. If this could be an involved endeavor, you may want to tear the old carpet out yourself so you have a few days to work on cleaning and deodorizing the floor before the new carpet is put down.

Clear Out The Room

Clearing out the room might be an easy process if you can move everything into a different room yourself. If you have something unusual, such as an aquarium, or fragile artwork, the carpet installer may not want to move it, and if you can't do the work yourself, you may need to hire a moving company. However, the installation crew may move out heavy furniture for you, so have a place ready to put it.

For more information, reach out to a local carpet installation service.


9 September 2020

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