3 Benefits Of Hardwood Floors In Your Kitchen


Whether you are remodeling, building a home, or just need to replace the floors, updating your kitchen with new hardwoods can be a great option to consider. Unfortunately, many people worry that wood floors are a bad decision for the kitchen due to the risk of moisture from spills and cooking. However, they can be a great flooring surface with proper preparation and understanding. Here are a few benefits of opting for residential hardwood flooring installation in your kitchen.

Streamlined, Inclusive Design

If you have hardwood floors in your living and dining room, installing them in your kitchen is smart, especially if you have an open floor plan.

The wood floors will flow from one room to the next, creating a streamlined, appealing, and valuable look that includes not only your living and dining spaces, but also your kitchen. Many homeowners feel the home will look more open because the wood floors flows through the major parts of the home.

Extreme Durability

You may worry about moisture damage, which is smart. However, as long as you dry up spills quickly, you should not have any problems with your hardwood floors in the kitchen.

Hardwood is made out of hard woods, meaning it is quite durable. Compared to vinyl that can dent and ding or tile that can crack and stain, hardwood floors have less risk of damage. If you drop a heavy can or pot on your vinyl floor, you will most likely dent the flooring surface. If you drop the same heavy item on the tile, you may crack the ceramic, porcelain, or grout.

Although it is possible to scratch and dent wood, hardwood floors will be less susceptible to this type of damage. For extra protection, arrange throw rugs in high-traffic areas, such as the space in front of your sink, oven, and stove.

Simplified Maintenance

Finally, hardwood is one of the easier types of flooring materials to maintain.

Running a vacuum with a hard-floor option over the hardwood floors periodically is best, since this will be sufficient for picking up food debris, hair, and dirt.

Consult the wood manufacturer to determine what products they recommend for a more involved cleaning of the floors. A vinegar and water solution is usually acceptable for washing up heavy food residue and grease from the hardwoods. Just make sure to go behind with a dry mop after using the cleaning solution to reduce the amount of moisture on the flooring surface.


10 October 2019

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