The Benefits Of Stainless Steel Floor Troughs


Commercial kitchens, laundry rooms, manufacturing facilities, and many other types of spaces can benefit from floor troughs. That is, sometimes you need something more effective than a circular floor drain. Floor troughs come in a variety of prefabricated shapes and sizes. They often have different features and capabilities. Most importantly, they are also made out of many different materials. The best material for you might depend on exactly what you need it for. But, it is hard to beat stainless steel. This article explains the benefits of stainless steel commercial floor troughs.

Stainless Steel is the Strongest Choice

While there are some cheaper and lighter materials like vinyl, aluminum, and plastic, these products don't stand up to the wear and tear that some floors are subjected to. That is, many commercial troughs are not only walked on on a daily basis, but large wheeled machines and cleaning devices go over them. The weight of these heavy machines can definitely cost problems for light materials like vinyl and plastic. For instance, a large wheeled laundry basket in a commercial laundry room could crack the grates or vents. Remember, the individual vents are often quite thin, and if one wheel hits the wrong spot, it can easily damage the trough.

The strength of stainless steel also enables the trough grates to be smaller and further apart. The extra weight of stainless steel also helps to keep it in place better. That is, it will stay down. It will not warp, bend, or crack, and you don't need to worry about one end sticking up after years of usage.

Stainless Steel is Easy to Clean

Stainless steel troughs are particularly well suited to usage in commercial kitchens. First of all, it is easier to clean and sterilize because it has a nonporous surface. A stainless steel grate will not absorb food stains or bacteria. The smooth surface of the steel is easy to keep sanitary, whether you are just scrubbing the grates by hand, or spraying them out with a pressure washer and soap. No matter how you look at, maintaining a clean commercial kitchen or laundry facility is much easier if you have stainless steel troughs.

While plastic and vinyl troughs certainly have their uses and could be good on narrow or small grates, they definitely are not preferred for large-scale commercial applications. Ultimately, stainless steel is going to be the most reliable and long-lasting material for your commercial troughs. For more information on commercial floor drains, contact your local flooring service.


30 April 2018

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