3 Different Types Of Natural Flooring You Can Use In Your Home


If you want to update your home, but you want to be conscious of your impact on the environment, you can change the feel of just about any room with a custom area rug. To reduce your environmental impact, you are going to want to purchase a custom area rug that is made out of natural fibers. Natural fibers are derived from materials such as seagrass, sisal, and mountain grass.


Sisal is a natural fiber that comes from the leaves of a specific cactus plant, the agave sisalana. You can find the agava sisalana in both Brazil in Africa. It generally grows in semi-arid regions.

The fibers that are used to create custom area rugs are harvested by hand from the leaves of the agave sisalana plant.

Sisal is a great material for area rugs because it is really strong and durable. It is stronger than a lot of other natural fibers, which is why sisal fibers are often used not just for rugs but for ropes and twines as well.

A variation of sisal is sisal wool, where the strong sisal fibers are combined together with wool. This creates a nice, thick area rug that is also extremely soft and warm as well.


Seagrass is another natural fiber that is used to create area rugs. Seagrass is harvested from tropical grasses. Seagrass is non-porous, which means that it is really easy to clean and does not stain easily, as there are no pores for liquids to soak into.

Seagrass fibers are also really smooth to the touch. They have an almost slick feeling to them. They also have a little bit of a natural sheen as well.

Due to being a non-porous, seagrass area rug cannot be died, which means they only come in a natural green color. The color tends to fade and change over time and become browner and less green.

Mountain Grass

Mountain grass is a particular type of grass that grows in China. This mountain grass is a very smooth fiber. It can be harvested by machine or by hand. It is easy to mass product mountain grass, making it one of the most affordable natural fibers that are used in custom area rugs.

Like seagrass, mountain grass is not very porous, which means that it only comes in its natural color. You have to settle for a beautiful copper brown rug if you want one made out of mountain grass.

If you want a custom area rug made out of natural materials, consider a rug made out of sisal, sisal wool, seagrass or mountain grass for your home. It will provide your home with a  custom and eco-friendly look. 


4 December 2017

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