Planning To Adopt Several Kittens? Remove Your Carpet Before Picking Them Up


After buying a property, furnishing it to your satisfaction, and making improvements to meet your demands in a home, you may be ready to bring some new additions into your family. If you want cats, then you should consider adopting two kittens as they will have a better time growing up together. The one thing that having multiple cats in your household can do is make it a little more challenging to clean the home. If you have carpeting, you should consider having it removed before you adopt kittens.

Shedding Does Not Stop

The safest thing to do is keep your cats indoors at all times to keep them from outside dangers. This means that your cats will likely shed all through the year, which will translate into having continuous cleaning duties. Carpet is harder to maintain because it is so easy for cat hair to get stuck deep into the fibers. No longer can you just do a simple vacuuming and expect the floor to be clean. A carpet rake could help, but the best solution is to move away from carpet in your home and get a floor that is easier to clean.

Litter Box Troubles

When you adopt two kittens, you should make sure to give them three litter boxes to minimize the chance of them having any issues. Over time, you will start to see litter making its way onto the carpet. When your kittens use their litter boxes, it is easy for litter pieces to get stuck in their foot pads. So, when they jump out of the litter box, some of these pieces will inevitably make it onto the floor. If these pieces have already absorbed some of their urine, then your carpet could quickly start developing a poor aroma. Removing the carpet prevents you from having to worry about litter bits being a problem.

Claws Snag

Kittens are especially guilty of this problem, but all cats run around with their claws out on occasion. This can snag the carpet in your home, giving it extra wear and tear and making it a hassle to fix. It is better to get most or all of your home equipped with floors that are not as prone to damage. Two great options include sealed concrete and tile, both of which will naturally resist damage from cat claws.

Removing your carpet will make it much easier to handle having new kittens in your home.


10 August 2016

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