Refinish Your Hardwood Floors In One Day Without Sanding


Hardwood floors are beautiful and durable, but over time they can show wear and tear, requiring them to be refinished. Most refinishing jobs require you to sand the floors first, which can be time consuming, messy, and expensive. Here are instructions on how you can refinish your beautiful hardwood floors and make them look new again without the sanding portion of the process.

Getting Started

Before you begin the process, you'll need to get all of the furniture out of the room, and then remove any debris and dust from the floor. Make sure as much dust as possible gets removed, because dust in the air can fall back down onto the newly finished floor before it dries, creating small pieces of dust and debris to settle in. Turn off the air conditioner and all fans to avoid stirring up any dust. Give the room a good cleaning and vacuum all curtains and clean the baseboards. You'll want to ensure that the room is as clean as possible before you begin. Then, clean the floor with a damp rag.

Prep The Floor

Before you can apply the finishing solution, you need to rough up the floor with a liquid etching solution. This solution helps to prep the surface to accept the new finish. The etcher should come with an abrasive pad that you will need to use to apply the liquid directly to the flooring. You can attach the pad to the end of a broom handle or use a wooden block. Dip the abrasive pad into the etching solution using a firm hand and begin scrubbing the floor.

Use pressure so that it is getting deep into the floor but be sure you don't use too much solution at once. Do this working your way from the middle of the room towards the edges and corners. You may need to repeat this process a few times. It's recommended that you perform this step in small sections at a time. Then, wipe up any excess etching solution with a dry towel and let it dry for about thirty minutes.

Applying The Finish

Now it's time to apply the finish in the color of your choice to your hardwood floors. Keep in mind that once you spread the finish onto the floor, you only have about five to ten minutes before it becomes a gummy consistency, making it harder to smooth out. Work slowly in small sections and be sure not to back yourself into a corner. You may want to have someone help you work on one end of the room while you work on the other. Using an applicator pad, smooth the finish over the flooring in a sweeping, even motion. Avoid squeezing too hard with the pad or else it can create bubbles. Depending on how much the floor is scratched, you might have to apply two coats of finish, but let the first coat dry before reapplication of a second coat. Within about eight hours, your hardwood floors should be dry and you can enjoy a new, smooth floor. For more information about refinishing hardwood floors, contact a company like Cooper Floors.  


14 December 2015

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